About us

Aesthetician Labs (pronounced “es-the-tish-en”) is an artist-owned video game cooperative based out of lovely Rochester, NY. Our #1 goal is to enable our members to focus on their creative work by cultivating a secure and sustainable environment. The team consists of founding members Noah Ratcliff, Aidan Markham, and Sam Cammarata. We founded Aesthetician Labs in 2018 after winning the New York State Game Dev challenge with our game, Crazy Platez.

AeLa’s focus is on bite-sized juicy games for web and mobile. As designers, we cut our teeth on game jams like Ludum Dare and Global Game Jam. We also grew up during the golden age of Flash games and our childhood favorites inspire the games we make today.

Meet the team

Noah Ratcliff

Noah is a jam fiend and juice enthusiast. They've been participating in Ludum Dare since 2012, and at one point hadn't missed a single LD for 5 years! Noah is AeLa's lead programmer/Unity wrangler and co-designer.

Aidan Markham

Aidan is AeLa’s lead technical artist, co-designer, and Blender wizard. He loves cute characters, bright colors, and things that wiggle on screens.

Sam Cammarata

Sam is a big fan of organization and reflection, which is fitting for a team’s producer! They can often be found scheming up improvements for the team’s systems and fun ways to make AeLa’s work more enjoyable, including snacks and celebrations.