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Bug reports in your Unity game, sent directly to Trello!

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What is Easy Feedback?

Easy Feedback streamlines bug reporting and player feedback in your Unity game by bringing it directly to you!

Detailed feedback and bug reports are submitted from in-game with just the tap of a button. With Trello, these reports are easily accessible and organized to your liking! Easy Feedback is very easy to setup and deploy, saving you development time, and getting your players' feedback to you as soon as possible.

How does it work?

When a player submits a report, it is categorized and directed to a list in your Trello board based on the type of feedback. Important metadata is included along with the report. This includes: a screenshot taken the instant the Feedback Form is opened, system information (OS, CPU, GPU, etc.), quality settings (resolution, quality level, etc.), and a log of all messages, warnings and exceptions since the last report.

All of this information is formatted with markdown on Trello so that it can be easily read, letting you focus on your game.

Supported Platforms

Please feel free to contact us if your target platform isn't listed, it's probably already supported!

macOS / Windows / Linux

Android / iOS


Nintendo Switch

PS4 / PS5


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